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Discipleship through Insiders

The Mission of Responder Life is to engage and equip those inside the culture to reach their own with hope.

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The Truth Project

Do you really believe what you really believe is really real? The Truth Project: First Responder Edition.

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Finding Insiders

Responder Life is D.E.E.P. We use this acronym to define what we do. "D" is for discover. The first is discover the Insiders, men and women inside the first responder culture. We do this through media and by engaging known other discovered insiders and reaching out through their network.


Activating Insiders

D.E.E.P. - The first "E" is for engage the Insider. After the Insiders are discovered we then begin meeting and engaging them to become actively equipped to reach their fellow first responders. In most communities when we start with one Insider we engage 12 additional insiders.


Resourcing Insiders

D.E.E.P. - The second "E" is where begin to train and equip in the areas of Worldview and Apologetics. We provide additional resources to help with Post Traumatic Stress Management, and Marriage and Family Resources. All equiping and discipling to build more disciples.


Walking with Insiders

D.E.E.P. - Last "P", we partner with the group of Insiders to continue to help them transform their culture. In this time we continue to offer encouragement and together discover new tools and resources. We also partner with Chaplains, pastors and others with a heart for discipleship and first responders.

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