Behind the uniform is a person, an individual pursuing a calling that is both exhilarating and exhausting.

Stepping into complex situations is the chance to protect or save a life…and it has a cost. These men and women respond to everyone’s worst day. Their commitment to this purpose exposes each of them to loss, violence, tragedy, and disappointment.

The reality of this work can manifest itself in personal and professional challenges that are difficult to overcome. Often, the adversity is too much, the trauma too overwhelming, and the support too hard to find.

We are committed to changing this.

Who We Serve

  • Police
  • Dispatch
  • EMS/FIre
  • Corrections


In an increasingly difficult environment, law enforcement can be an isolating and thankless job. Our officers routinely face the brutality that people can inflict upon one another. They are the reassuring presence that stands in the gap between the community and those who intend harm. The resilience needed for confronting evil on a daily basis requires training, support, and a community that demonstrates care in tangible ways.


A calm, confident voice on the line assures those seeking help. For law enforcement and fire personnel it is the vital information that ensures assistance arrives at the right place and the right time. These often forgotten first responders enter into intense interactions and can only imagine the scene unfolding on the other end of the line, often without knowing the ultimate outcome. Support of their peers, the community, and effective means of cultivating resilience must be offered.

Fire / EMS

Scenes of tragedy have the potential to linger for a lifetime in the minds of firefighters and paramedics. The emotional toll exacted for responding to injury, death, and destruction can be devastating. Having the right tools for the job are expected. Having the right tools for emotional, psychological, and spiritual resilience are necessary.


It has been said that life as a corrections officer is “doing time” 8-12 hours a day. As corrections officers interact with those who have committed crimes, they see the deprivation in our communities and must have a strong resolve to stand strong against attempts at lying and manipulation. These same officers offer encouragement to those who want to straighten out their lives. In a role that might be unnoticed by most, support and training can make the difference the lives of correction officers and their families.

How We Serve

Rest Stops for Responders

A Rest Stop is a safe place for first responders to go to when they are on duty. It is a non-contact office, meaning they are not in the public’s eye and can stop for a moment to catch up on paperwork, eat lunch and relax while they work on paperwork.

Peer Support & Wellness

Our peer support program equips selected first responders within partnering public safety agencies to provide sustained, long-term support to their peers through formal and informal relationships that address spiritual, psychological, emotional, and physical health.

Public Safety Assistance Network

PSAN increases awareness of and coordinates first responder support resources, improves the quality of therapeutic care to first responders, improves preventative and responsive training and education to first responder agencies and advocates for first responder wellness initiatives, policies, and legislation.

Responders w/o Borders

On January 12, 2010 Haiti was struck with 7.0 earthquake. Over 300,000 people were killed and another one million were displaced. During the crisis response to help, police officers from the Northwest were asked to help the Haitian National Police and Fire (PNH). Responder Life sent three teams of police officers and firefighters to help.


In our podcast we interview first responders, clinicians, conselors and experts in our field to equip, educate and inspire First Responders and their communities to work together for the good of the community.

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We host events throughout the year where you can get involved in serving and advocating for first responders in your community. Check out the latest upcoming events in the community.

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“I just wanted to tell you how much your continued kindness and support means to myself, and my fellow officers. Sometimes just saying ‘thank you’ on a business card just doesn’t seem to reflect the gratitude I feel. Over the years of doing this job, the constant barrage of negativity, have taken their toll on my compassion and empathy. Your support helps restores me. Thank you again!”

Police Officer

“The Rest Stops encourage me to work hard because I am reminded of the good people that are in our community. I hope other police agencies get an opportunity to experience this!”

Police Officer

“Responder Life’s Peer-to-Peer training is a great way to equip our team with the tool to keep our team healthy during unhealthy circumstances.”

First Responder in Portland, OR

“The Responder Life Peer Support Training is the best I have experienced in 14 years of doing peer support.  The skill training and practice was the most helpful and useful and the opportunity to learn in a safe environment. I hope this training is offered again soon so more of my team can attend.”

First Responder in Portland, OR

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Your church or community can host a Rest Stop to provide a safe haven to carry out duties and decompress from the stress of the role during their shift.

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We have many opportunties to get personally involved in our work of being a community partner to first responders. Check out our current opportunities.

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