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Summer Challenge 2014

Please Join The Summer Challenge!  Your monthly donation to Responder Life goes directly to assist first responders and their families.

Each and every day, our police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and dispatchers confront our most critical moments.  They show up to these events guided by justice, compassion, courage, and service. They respond out of a personal calling to public safety, but that calling is too often interrupted by prolonged daily exposure to the trauma and brokenness in our communities.  The resulting impact on their careers and families can be devastating, leading to high rates of divorce, suicide, substance abuse, and isolation.

Responder Life is making a difference.  Our commitment is to ensure that all first responders and their families have the opportunity to respond to the most important call of their lives…the call of Christ.  To make sure this happens we have been working the last few months to create programs that address the specific needs every responder confronts.

One of the ways we have done this is through our growing Church Rest Stop Network.  Participating churches provide 24/7 access to a room in the church for hospitality and safety in the course of a shift.  The need becomes more critical as we have seen officers in Las Vegas targeted in public places.  Here is what one officer said about a Church Rest Stop in Vancouver, WA:

“I just wanted to let you all know how very much we appreciate this room. So many times during our work shift we get called names, we deal with difficult people, get threatened, kicked, bad mouthed, etc…it is very rare that we get a compliment or a nice gesture, and even a small one. Never in my career has anyone done a gesture to this magnitude to show us appreciation. Thank you so very much.  What an amazing outreach!”  Vancouver Police Officer

Donate now!  In addition to starting 15 more Church Rest Stops, your donation contributes to the training that equips first responders to mentor, disciple, support, and serve each other.  Ultimately, your participation gives our first responders the chance for healthier families, stronger communities, and a vibrant faith.

How to give?  You can give by clicking on the following link:


Mail your donation to:

Responder Life

5665 SW Meadows Road

Suite 160

Lake Oswego, OR 97035

Thank you for considering a gift at such an important time.


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