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A Look Inside our Haiti Missions

By Tom McGranahan

We Have Come a Long Way Since April 2011! God has been stretching and growing us since we started serving in Haiti in April 2011. Our first trip was a fantastic time. It opened doors and helped us, to form relationships. We learned a great deal about the Police National Haiti which has helped us to improve our training and build better friendships.

In 2011, we ended every day sharing what it is like to be a police officer in the US and having the Haitian officers share what challenges they have. As we have prayed over the agenda, we began to feel convicted that we needed to share with the students what it means to be a Christian police officer in the US. This has really enhanced our conversations with the Haitian officers.

About a year ago, Mark Delong – Gresham Police, thought it would be a good idea to purchase bibles and give them to the students This has become one of our favorite activities as the students really appreciate the bibles. We have been told time and again, that this is the best gift we could have ever given them!

We offer an optional bible study during the lunch break. We have been getting half to two thirds of the students attending!

We end every week with an invitation to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and a group prayer. The Holy Spirit has always been present at these and brought people to Jesus!

I was asked by one of our officer/students in November what difference we hoped to be making by coming to Haiti.

I have no illusion of solving all of Haiti’s problems and bringing them into the 21st Century, but we are seeing some results from going there and serving, by being obedient to God’s call and loving on the Haitians.

I often tell people that when Haiti had the earthquake in 2010, I was saddened and shocked by the pictures I saw and the news reports coming out of the country, but I had no personal connection

Today, I have friends there who I care deeply about and pray for. When I hear of hurricanes or reports of violence, I think of them and pray.

My answer to the officer was that my only hope or expectation was to make friends, share the gospel and give them the best tools we could to be safe and impact the way they do police work for their country. That I hoped we would impact them individually. So that they might impact another individually, and they another.

The following day we were visited by friend. We had trained with him and his team in November 2013. He told us he had seen a noticeable difference in the way his team does their job after working with us. Praise God!

The Service Team worked with local workers to build a stairway cut into a hillside that now allows a widow, Sister Duc, the ability to leave her home. She had been trapped by the extremely steep path down to the road. They also helped to build a concrete cooking shelter where she had only had a fire pit surrounded by very old and torn tarps offering her no protection from the elements while she cooked.

So we may not be changing an entire culture, country, city or village. But I believe God is making a difference in people’s lives through us

If you haven’t joined us for a trip in the past couple of years, please consider coming in 2015 and see what you have helped to build. For more information, contact <ahref=””>

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