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Our programs are focused on working with first responders to ensure that their lives are not defined by the negativity that comes from constantly confronting the evil of this world, but rather the by hope and light delivered through their dedication and service.

Rest Stops

A Rest Stop is a safe place for first responders to go to when they are on duty. It is a non-contact office, meaning they are not in the public’s eye and can stop for a moment to catch up on paperwork, eat lunch and relax while they work on paperwork.

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Peer-to-Peer Support and Training

Our peer-to-peer program equips selected first responders within partnering public safety agencies to provide sustained, long-term support to their peers through formal and informal relationships that address spiritual, psychological, emotional, and physical health.

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Public Safety Assistance Network

PSAN increases awareness of and coordinates first responder support resources, improves the quality of therapeutic care to first responders, improves preventative and responsive training and education to first responder agencies and advocates for first responder wellness initiatives, policies, and legislation.

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Responders without Borders

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"911, What's Your Emergency?"

For most of us, this is the worst day of our lives. For the first responder, it is something they live every day of their lives.


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