Our Mission

We serve first responders and equip them to thrive.

Who We Serve

There are nearly three million professionals serving as police, firefighters, FBI, 911 dispatchers, emergency medical personnel in the United States. These men and women are the first responders to critical emergency situations in their communities. Many first responders enter their profession with altruistic ideals, but the daily exposure to crime, violence and tragedy often turns idealism into cynicism as time goes by. This dynamic often manifests itself through personal challenges such as hopelessness, divorce, addiction, and even suicide.

Responder Life exists to serve and support these men and women who pursue this high calling. We’re a community willing to share and lessen the burden first responders carry because of the work they do for us in our own neighborhoods. Together, we work with first responders to ensure that their lives are not defined by the negativity that comes from constantly confronting the evil of this world, but rather the by hope and light delivered through their dedication and service.
How We Serve

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