Active Rest Stops Double in 2014

Active Rest Stops Double in 2014
March 4, 2015 Trey Doty

Rest Stops double


In 2014, Responder Life doubled its active Rest Stops to 16, mostly in the Portland Oregon and Clark County Washington region. Three more locations will open by the last day of February 2015, including a church in Sherwood Oregon, and a Washington apartment building located in an area with a high incidence of trouble calls.


“Many US cities are re-examining their commitment to ‘community policing’,” says Rest Stop Program Director Steve Chadwick. “We believe the Rest Stops represent one way for cities to introduce collaboration between agencies and the neighborhoods they serve, with virtually no expense and little effort for the agencies.” Rest Stops are a program of Responder Life, and are sponsored and hosted by community organizations. Rest Stop locations are usually at neutral sites (e.g., churches, apartments, offices, etc.), which gives opportunities for officers and neighbors to share information and understand each others’ culture.


“Our vision for Rest Stops is to provide police, fire, EMS and any first responders a safe, neutral location where they can fulfill their responsibilities and catch a breather, without having to return to their office of origin,” says Chadwick. “Responders who are currently using Rest Stops are giving them high marks,” he says, “and Rest Stop sponsors love being able to support and talk with those who are protecting them.”


The Portland Police Bureau awarded Chadwick with its Distinguished Service Medal in 2014 for his service as a chaplain for the Bureau, and his work developing the Rest Stop program for Responder Life.


To request information about sponsoring a Rest Stop in your city or neighborhood, please click this link and submit the completed “Request Information” form:


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