First Responder Resources

Church Rest Stop

Designed to create a safe, hospitable room for law enforcement officers and other first responders to gather, find food/beverage, write reports, and experience a safe environment. Too often, police officers become the target of those who might wish them harm. The Rest Stop provides a safe haven to carry out duties and decompress from the stress of the role during their shift. Churches provide a first responder access-only room that is available 24/7.

Insider Development

We recognize the importance of taking responsibility for one’s own faith in the context of a larger community, particularly related to a church. We encourage individuals to commit to a local faith community, but at the same time acknowledge the challenges specific to responders. In an effort to develop Insiders and assist them in growing spiritually we create experiences for learning and service. We teach responders to cultivate their faith through prayer, Scripture, spiritual habits, living with purpose/mission, character development, and shaping worldview.

Peer Mentor Teams

To equip selected first responders within partnering agencies to provide sustained, long-term support to their peers through formal and informal relationships that address spiritual, psychological, emotional, and physical health. Each will be trained to intervene at critical moment in a responder’s life, but more importantly, look to proactive solutions associated with issues endemic in the first responder culture.

Short-Term Missions

Through a relationship with individuals and organizations in Haiti we send teams of law enforcement officers and firefighters to teach tactics, ethics, and best practices, gaining an opportunity to live out and share the gospel.

Marriage Mentoring and Seminars

In an effort to promote healthy relationships within first responder families we work with other organizations to provide training for marriage mentors as well as couples seeking to increase the health of their marriages.

Peer Mentoring

To create the leading forum in the U.S. for shaping the leadership, character, identity, and faith of First Responders, especially Chiefs/Command Staff, through training, executive coaching, skill development, and practical research. We are beginning pilot projects with law enforcement and fire & rescue agencies in Oregon and Florida.

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