Peer Mentoring

To equip selected first responders within partnering public safety agencies to provide sustained, long-term support to their peers through formal and informal relationships that address spiritual, psychological, emotional, and physical health.  Each will be trained to intervene at critical moments in a responder’s life, but more importantly, look to proactive solutions associated with issues plaguing the first responder culture.

Peer Mentor Team Training: Core Training Areas

Shaping Identity and Character

Every helping incident requires a high degree of self-awareness on the part of the mentor.  Understanding our own strengths, weaknesses, self-limiting behavior, past and present experience, values, and purpose are critical to remaining fully present to those seeking guidance.  When we become aware of what we bring of ourselves to any situation the more effective we are at managing that “presence” and focusing on those we assist.  You will be given tools to catalyze personal and relational priorities for yourself and others.

Facilitating A Coaching/Mentoring Conversation

Skills of listening, asking powerful questions, and facilitating conversation lead to self-directed change on the part of those we mentor.  In this training, each participant will learn to assist others as they navigate the growth that is necessary for emotional and spiritual health.

Developing Emotional and Spiritual Resiliency

First responders confront circumstances that have the potential to erode hope, relationships, faith, and vocational calling.  Spiritual resiliency involves the ability to enlarge perspective by understanding how we engage our faith to confront challenges and relate to others.  This course will focus on the questions and practices that cultivate a robust spiritual life.

Creating Healthy Relationships

The breakdown of a relationship, particularly a marriage, contributes to destructive behaviors that devastate homes as well as careers.  In this core area we will learn to help others develop behaviors and attitudes that contribute to restoring and growing in roles as spouse, parent, friend, and co-worker.  The initial training is a one-day marriage workshop designed and taught by first responders and spouses.

Mentoring Through Crisis

The Peer Mentoring Team is designed for proactive intervention in the life of a co-worker, especially as it pertains to personal decision-making.  However, the nature of a first responders’ work takes place in environments that expose them to traumatic events outside of their control.  Each mentor will receive training provided through an approved International Critical Incident Stress Foundation course as preparation for working with peers.

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