Our Programs

We support first responders in the Pacific Northwest so they can meet the mental, emotional and spiritual challenges of their profession.

Peer Support

We work directly with public safety agencies to establish an ecosystem of trained co-workers who are able to listen well and provide resources for critical events and day-to-day life and work. Through this program, we seek to create sustained support for peers through formal and informal relationships that address spiritual, psychological, emotional, and physical health.

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Rest Stops

Our network of more than 30 secure rooms extends throughout the Pacific Northwest and into Idaho. A Rest Stop is a safe place used exclusively by first responders who are on duty when they need a time out of the eye of the public. Rooms, often hosted in churches or community centers, are stocked with small grab-and-go food items, water, WiFi, tables to write reports and comfortable chairs. These secure and safe spaces are exclusive to first responders that show appreciation and provide much-needed care to those who protect our communities.

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Public Safety Assistance Network

We train and support a network of culturally competent mental health professionals and chaplains, many of whom have been first responders themselves or grew up in a first responder family. These individuals are a lifeline to first responders as they increase awareness and coordinate support resources with the goal of improving the quality of therapeutic care. They improve preventative and responsive training and advocate for first responder wellness initiatives, policies, and legislation. They also serve as our primary referral network for peer teams, agencies, and other mental health professionals


We facilitate short-term trips to under-resourced countries to provide tactical and ethics training for law enforcement.


We staff first responder agencies with mental health professionals & chaplains who provide emotional, mental, and spiritual support.