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Responder Life Receives Grants

June 2, 2016

Responder Life is pleased to announce and give a heartfelt thank you to the James T. Westfall Memorial Donor Advised Fund at the Community Foundation of Abilene for a grant award of $1500. These funds have made it possible to secure a one-time license for a coaching curriculum to be used in equipping first responders to coach and mentor their peers. Trey Doty, President of Responder Life, stated, “We are training first responders to lead their peers through intentional conversations in order to solve overwhelming issues. This will have an enormously positive ripple effect in their departments, churches, and families.” Responder Life will provide this training for public safety departments, marriage mentors, small group leaders, and peer mentors.

Thank you to Mission Increase Foundation for their recent grant award to Responder Life for $10,000. The grant award followed an application and review process that determines a ministry organizations ability and readiness to carry out specific strategies taught by Mission Increase through their monthly trainings. These funds will be used for critical technology upgrades, an updated online digital platform, and to grow the number of individuals, businesses, and churches who support the services Responder Life provides to first responders.

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Summer Newsletter

September 14, 2015

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Print Newsletter. Summer 2015

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Spring Newsletter – 2015

March 25, 2015

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Active Rest Stops Double in 2014

March 4, 2015

In 2014, Responder Life doubled its active Rest Stops to 16, mostly in the Portland Oregon and Clark County Washington region. Three more locations will open by the last day of February 2015, including a church in Sherwood Oregon, and a Washington apartment building located in an area with a high incidence of trouble calls.

“Many US cities are re-examining their commitment to ‘community policing’,” says Rest Stop Program Director Steve Chadwick. “We believe the Rest Stops represent one way for cities to introduce collaboration between agencies and the neighborhoods they serve, with virtually no expense and little effort for the agencies.” Rest Stops are a program of Responder Life, and are sponsored and hosted by community organizations. Rest Stop locations are usually at neutral sites (e.g., churches, apartments, offices, etc.), which gives opportunities for officers and neighbors to share information and understand each others’ culture.

“Our vision for Rest Stops is to provide police, fire, EMS and any first responders a safe, neutral location where they can fulfill their responsibilities and catch a breather, without having to return to their office of origin,” says Chadwick. “Responders who are currently using Rest Stops are giving them high marks,” he says, “and Rest Stop sponsors love being able to support and talk with those who are protecting them.”

The Portland Police Bureau awarded Chadwick with its Distinguished Service Medal in 2014 for his service as a chaplain for the Bureau, and his work developing the Rest Stop program for Responder Life.

To request information about sponsoring a Rest Stop in your city or neighborhood, please click this link and submit the completed “Request Information” form:

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Rest Stop Prompts Peace Talk

February 24, 2015

The shouts came from the field University Park Baptist Church allows local junior high footballers to practice on. “I hate the police! I hate them!” It was September 2014, just days after a young high school student had been tased by Portland Police.

Senior Pastor Chad Nieuwendorp heard the exclamations from his church, which hosts one of Responder Life’s Rest Stops as a ministry to police and other first responders serving the St. Johns community. Neighbors were deeply divided over the tasing incident. Many saw the response by police as another example of unwarranted force by police against African-American youth, as had been reported in other US cities last summer. Peers of the tased youngster expressed their fear of police, while older residents expressed support for the police.

Pastor Chad attended a city-led meeting about the incident, and frustrated students asked him why he was there. “I love the students, the community, AND the police,” Pastor Chad replied. He has other strategies in mind for creating peace in the church’s community through interaction between the police, residents, and especially the young people on the football team. He says the commitment to support Responder Life’s Rest Stop has been an important catalyst to his church’s positive involvement in its community. The Rest Stop is one means of achieving the church’s core values and ministry objectives, which include: Rooted in the Gospel; Planted in Community; Transformed By Grace; and Reaching In Love

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Key Volunteers Recognized

February 17, 2015

Two volunteers were recognized by Responder Life executive director Trey Doty at an informal gathering of organization leaders recently. Anthony “Tony” Kollias, sergeant with the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office, was recognized for his work in leading peer communities and discipleship groups among police professionals in the Portland area. Mike Sullivan, a business development professional with Financeian, LLC, was recognized for his work in supporting Responder Life’s financial goals, including debt repayment, accounting services, and creating innovative financial opportunities for the organization.

Kollias has lead several year-long disciple-making groups of first responders, with the satisfying result of seeing those participants committing to lead their own groups. Kollias’s vision for Responder Life includes the development of a “traumatic incident response team” to come alongside responders when they become engaged in trauma-inducing situations in his community. Kollias has served Responder Life as a volunteer since 2008.

Sullivan has lead Responder Life’s leaders to envision means of securing the organization’s financial sustainability. As a successful business development consultant, he has created opportunities for the leadership team to examine sources of financial support beyond traditional non-profit fundraising that will be able to secure the organization’s sustainability. Sullivan also has been instrumental in introducing leaders to organizations who may become participants as Responder Life develops its plans for a Leadership Center that will bring resiliency training to first responders and their agencies. Sullivan has served Responder Life since 2013.

To learn more about volunteering opportunities at Responder Life, please email

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A Look Inside our Haiti Missions

February 6, 2015

By Tom McGranahan

We Have Come a Long Way Since April 2011! God has been stretching and growing us since we started serving in Haiti in April 2011. Our first trip was a fantastic time. It opened doors and helped us, to form relationships. We learned a great deal about the Police National Haiti which has helped us to improve our training and build better friendships.

In 2011, we ended every day sharing what it is like to be a police officer in the US and having the Haitian officers share what challenges they have. As we have prayed over the agenda, we began to feel convicted that we needed to share with the students what it means to be a Christian police officer in the US. This has really enhanced our conversations with the Haitian officers.

About a year ago, Mark Delong – Gresham Police, thought it would be a good idea to purchase bibles and give them to the students This has become one of our favorite activities as the students really appreciate the bibles. We have been told time and again, that this is the best gift we could have ever given them!

We offer an optional bible study during the lunch break. We have been getting half to two thirds of the students attending!

We end every week with an invitation to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and a group prayer. The Holy Spirit has always been present at these and brought people to Jesus!

I was asked by one of our officer/students in November what difference we hoped to be making by coming to Haiti.

I have no illusion of solving all of Haiti’s problems and bringing them into the 21st Century, but we are seeing some results from going there and serving, by being obedient to God’s call and loving on the Haitians.

I often tell people that when Haiti had the earthquake in 2010, I was saddened and shocked by the pictures I saw and the news reports coming out of the country, but I had no personal connection

Today, I have friends there who I care deeply about and pray for. When I hear of hurricanes or reports of violence, I think of them and pray.

My answer to the officer was that my only hope or expectation was to make friends, share the gospel and give them the best tools we could to be safe and impact the way they do police work for their country. That I hoped we would impact them individually. So that they might impact another individually, and they another.

The following day we were visited by friend. We had trained with him and his team in November 2013. He told us he had seen a noticeable difference in the way his team does their job after working with us. Praise God!

The Service Team worked with local workers to build a stairway cut into a hillside that now allows a widow, Sister Duc, the ability to leave her home. She had been trapped by the extremely steep path down to the road. They also helped to build a concrete cooking shelter where she had only had a fire pit surrounded by very old and torn tarps offering her no protection from the elements while she cooked.

So we may not be changing an entire culture, country, city or village. But I believe God is making a difference in people’s lives through us

If you haven’t joined us for a trip in the past couple of years, please consider coming in 2015 and see what you have helped to build. For more information, contact <ahref=””>

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Haitian Police Trained By Responder Life Mission Team

February 2, 2015

Responder Life’s Haiti mission team completed its 8th police training and service trip in November (2014). Five trainers instructed police and security officers from the communities of Carrefour and Jacmel. While the trainers instructed, a service team of six individuals served at a home for widows, and an orphanage for boys and girls.

When asked if the training team “was trying to change the Haitian police culture” by one of the trainees, mission leader Tom McGranahan replied “We are hoping to impact individuals so they can impact their co-workers.” McGranahan is a lieutenant with the Beaverton Oregon Police Department, and a veteran of several Responder Life mission trips to Haiti. 2014’s mission trip like others surfaced many stories of changed lives. If you would like to find out more about this mission, please email

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Responder Life Launches Peer Mentor Workshop

January 30, 2015

On November 18, Responder Life introduced its Peer Mentoring workshop series to 26 trainees from several state and local agencies in Portland. The workshops are a cornerstone of RL’s new Leadership Center program, which will proactively provide training in order to develop resiliency in trainees before trauma takes place. The workshops were lead by Responder Life executive director Trey Doty, who also serves professionally as a college instructor, life coach, and Chaplain with the FBI. Participating agencies included the Oregon State Police Officers Association (OSPOA), the Oregon Department of Corrections, Portland and Beaverton Police departments, and the Clackamas County Department of Emergency Communication.

Responder Life developed the Peer Mentoring series of workshops uniquely for first responders. It includes a “life planning” segment offered to Fortune 100 organizations by Building Champions, a professional coaching firm. Twenty-six trainees from state and local agencies gave the initial session high marks, saying it was “very applicable to their real-life circumstances”. The remaining sessions of the workshop are scheduled for completion in the first quarter of 2015. To learn more about the peer mentoring or other trainings offered by Responder Life, please email

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Summer Challenge 2014

July 29, 2014

Please Join The Summer Challenge!  Your monthly donation to Responder Life goes directly to assist first responders and their families.

Each and every day, our police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and dispatchers confront our most critical moments.  They show up to these events guided by justice, compassion, courage, and service. They respond out of a personal calling to public safety, but that calling is too often interrupted by prolonged daily exposure to the trauma and brokenness in our communities.  The resulting impact on their careers and families can be devastating, leading to high rates of divorce, suicide, substance abuse, and isolation.

Responder Life is making a difference.  Our commitment is to ensure that all first responders and their families have the opportunity to respond to the most important call of their lives…the call of Christ.  To make sure this happens we have been working the last few months to create programs that address the specific needs every responder confronts.

One of the ways we have done this is through our growing Church Rest Stop Network.  Participating churches provide 24/7 access to a room in the church for hospitality and safety in the course of a shift.  The need becomes more critical as we have seen officers in Las Vegas targeted in public places.  Here is what one officer said about a Church Rest Stop in Vancouver, WA:

“I just wanted to let you all know how very much we appreciate this room. So many times during our work shift we get called names, we deal with difficult people, get threatened, kicked, bad mouthed, etc…it is very rare that we get a compliment or a nice gesture, and even a small one. Never in my career has anyone done a gesture to this magnitude to show us appreciation. Thank you so very much.  What an amazing outreach!”  Vancouver Police Officer

Donate now!  In addition to starting 15 more Church Rest Stops, your donation contributes to the training that equips first responders to mentor, disciple, support, and serve each other.  Ultimately, your participation gives our first responders the chance for healthier families, stronger communities, and a vibrant faith.

How to give?  You can give by clicking on the following link:


Mail your donation to:

Responder Life

5665 SW Meadows Road

Suite 160

Lake Oswego, OR 97035

Thank you for considering a gift at such an important time.


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