Public Safety Assistance Network

The Public Safety Assistance Network (PSAN) is a group of mental health professionals in Oregon with experience and expertise in public safety.

PSAN exists to:


Increase awareness & coordination of first responder support resources.


Improve the quality of therapeutic care to first responders.


Improve preventative & responsive training & education to first responder agencies.


Advocate for first responder wellness initiatives, policies, and legislation.

About PSAN

PSAN member experience includes having been police, fire, EMS, dispatch, and corrections and/or having worked extensively with these populations. In addition to being culturally competent in public safety, members of this group are trained and experienced in trauma and resilience. Mental health professionals in PSAN are carefully screened to ensure the quality of service to public safety agencies.

PSAN falls under the organization Responder Life, a 501(c)(3) organization committed to supporting public safety professionals. Its mission is to increase awareness of and coordinate public safety support resources, improve the quality of therapeutic care to public safety employees, improve preventative and responsive training and education to public safety agencies, and advocate for public safety wellness initiatives, policies, and legislation.

What Does PSAN Do?

All mental health professionals associated with PSAN have met stringent requirements to demonstrate and maintain cultural competency in working with and treating emergency professionals and their families

PSAN offers organizational training in peer support, trauma, resilience and leadership.

PSAN professionals respond to critical incidents, including offering debriefings, and crisis negotiation consultations.

PSAN offers oversight of Peer Support/CISM teams and wellness programs.

Membership & Resources


All professionals listed on this page will be full members of PSAN. Each will need to demonstrate both initial and on-going cultural competence, significant knowledge and experience working with emergency professionals in addition to biennial renewal of these criteria. 


Levels of membership are listed along with a brief description and an application document available to be downloaded.


We staff first responder agencies with mental health professionals & chaplains who provide emotional, mental, and spiritual support.

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