Who We Serve

Behind the uniform is a person, an individual pursuing a calling that is both exhilarating and exhausting.

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In an increasingly difficult environment, law enforcement can be an isolating and thankless job. Our officers routinely face the brutality that people can inflict upon one another. They are the reassuring presence that stands in the gap between the community and those who intend harm. The resilience needed to confront evil on a daily basis requires training, support, and a community that demonstrates care in tangible ways.

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A calm, confident voice on the line assures those seeking help. For law enforcement and fire personnel, it is the vital information that ensures assistance arrives at the right place and at the right time. These often-forgotten first responders enter into intense interactions and can only imagine the scene unfolding on the other end of the line, often without knowing the ultimate outcome. Support of their peers, the community, and effective means of cultivating resilience must be offered.

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Scenes of tragedy have the potential to linger for a lifetime in the minds of firefighters and paramedics. The emotional toll exacted for responding to injury, death, and destruction can be devastating. Having the right tools for the job are expected. Having the right tools for emotional, psychological, and spiritual resilience are necessary.

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It has been said that life as a corrections officer is “doing time” 8-12 hours a day. As corrections officers interact with those who have committed crimes, they see the deprivation in our communities and must have a strong resolve to stand strong against attempts at lying and manipulation. These same officers offer encouragement to those who want to straighten out their lives. In a role that might be unnoticed by most, support and training can make the difference the lives of correction officers and their families.

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