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Thank you for your interest in joining the Public Safety Assistance Network directory.

It has quickly become evident that various Public Safety Personnel organizations want a list of participants who are considered culturally competent. Now that we have a large group of healthcare professionals assembled throughout Oregon and the Pacific Northwest, we are working to place all interested healthcare professionals into a formalized online directory.

As we continue to bridge the gap between healthcare professionals and public safety personnel, consistency in “what to expect” from our network of healthcare professionals is paramount. Our vision is to promote our network to PSP and their family in a way that counters stereotypes and common pitfalls that members have stated as preventing them from reaching out for mental health support.  We also strive to help continuously improve the mental health services received by PSP, by offering feedback, support, and training to healthcare professionals participating in our ongoing training programs and website directory.

The initial version of our directory will serve as a gateway for individuals looking for culturally-competent Healthcare Professionals. The end user is accessing the directory to then do further research regarding your online presence or contact you through other listing groups that you may be part of. As PSP professionals become more familiar with the mental healthcare field, we expect the information contained within our directory to evolve over time.

Being listed in this directory is voluntary. You will be listed on a publicly accessible website, a program of Responder Life.

Please follow the link to apply for inclusion in the PSAN directory. Once you have completed and submitted the application, we will review and follow up with you regarding a decision. If you have any questions you can contact us.

Before applying, please review our membership requirements


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